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How to Lose a Stone in a Month [UNBELIEVABLE Results]


written by

Husein Gradasevic

how to lose a stone in a month

Do you want to completely shock your friends and relatives with your new avatar which looks so much thinner? Would you like to know how to lose a stone in a month WITHOUT exercise?

Then my lovely visitor, you have landed at just the right spot….

how to lose a stone in a month

Whether you are approaching a vacation, or excited to surprise everyone on an upcoming event, or maybe you just want the fastest way to lose weight naturally, I am going to teach you step by step from my 11+ years of experience in weight loss.

So many of us want quick results, whether it be in terms of weight loss or manifesting your ideal partner. There are numerous companies out there wanting to make a buck out of your desire for instant gratification.

But today I am going to be COMPLETELY transparent about the science behind losing a stone in a month. A few percentage of people can even expect to lose up to 8 pounds within their FIRST WEEK.

Note: This guide is only for people who weigh over 175 pounds. Others should simply stick to the old and simple calorie deficit method to lose weight gradually. Read along this well-researched guide if you want to lose a stone in a month naturally.

How to Lose a Stone in a Month

Losing a stone or 14 pounds within a month is quite an ambitious yet ACHIEVABLE goal.

“But Opwyn, I see so many people struggle with their weight loss. I myself have tried so many times but failed miserably. Is it really possible to lose a stone in a month?”

The answer is YES. But before you send out the tweet: “Hey guys! I am going to magically shed a stone in a month!!!”, let me tell you a few important points:

1. You can expect to lose so much weight only if you are significantly overweight. For example, if you weigh more than 200 pounds, you are more likely to lose a stone in a month, as compared to someone weighing 180 pounds.

2. The majority of weight loss will come from water weight. Imagine: All the puffiness from your face vanishes away. Your belly will also thank you for the much needed detox!

Watch this short video to understand the concept of water weight in a layman’s language.

via Youtube

3. If you go back to your old eating habits of gobbling down greasy-junk foods every hour, then there are chances that you gain back some of the lost weight. However, following my strategies for a month will transform your mindset and you’ll be well on your path for a healthier life and faster weight loss.

Let me tell you some of the INSANE benefits of losing more than 10 pounds in a month:

1. You will enjoy a reduced appetite

2. You will notice a tremendous difference in your physique

3. Experience a naturally glowing and radiating skin due to flushing out of toxins

4. Losing a stone in a month will significantly shrink your belly and lower your waist size.

5. Increased levels of healthy HDL Cholesterol

6. Lowered blood sugar and insulin levels

Following this guide will magnificently kickstart your weight loss journey. Just imagine the kind of confidence and motivation raging through your veins when you successfully lose more than 10 pounds within a single month!

These well-researched strategies will result in blazing fast losses on the scale, but keep in mind that most of it will be water weight and you should develop an overall healthier lifestyle to maintain this physique.

Get Rid of Carbs to Lose a Stone

Research says that low carb diets are one of the best methods to lose a stone in a month.

If you have struglled with losing weight and maintaining a rigid lifestyle where your life revolves around calories, then this diet will come to your rescue!

By harnessing the ultimate powers of a low carb diet, you can eat till fullness and STILL lose weight, unlike the traditional dieting methods where you have to starve yourself to death.

Saying no to simple carbs like white rice will be immensely helpful to lose a stone in a month.

You will have to restrict your intake of carbohydrates — including simple sugars and starches like bread and pasta — and replace them with sources of protein, healthy fats, and veggies.

“But I really can’t live without bread!!” It sure seems difficult at first, but visualize yourself 14 pounds thinner. Doesn’t it more than makeup for it?

Studies have found that low carb diets significantly suppress your hunger, leading to lowered calorie consumption, and making you lose weight without much hassle.

ketosis to lose weight

Low carb diets can work really well to healthily lower your insulin levels, which in turn helps to burn more fat. Reduced insulin levels also signal your body to shed excess water weight, which can help you lose up to 8 pounds within in a week!

Here are the THREE categories to choose from when harnessing the magical powers of low carb diets (aka ketogenic diets).

100-150 Grams per day:

Suggested foods:

  • All vegetables
  • A small serving of fruits
  • Healthy carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice & oats

50-100 Grams per day:

Suggested foods:

  • Lots of veggies
  • 2-3 pieces of fruits each day
  • Minimum starch and grains

20-50 Grams per day:

Suggested foods:

  • Low carb veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, avocado, spinach, asparagus
  • For fruits, you can only include berries such as blueberries and blackberries (top it off with some whipped cream)
  • Nuts, seeds, and nut butter

The number of carbs required for effortless weight loss depends on the person’s sex, body type, and activity levels.

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Drink More And More Water

“But Opwyn, you just said that I need LESS water in my cells to lose weight and look thinner.”

And I would say that you are definitely right!

Here is an interesting fact: Drinking too little water actually leads to water RETENTION.

Think about this with logic: Humans have evolved through thousands of years and we have been through many harsh conditions (and survived, thankfully). Our bodies are programmed to be prepared for any sort of danger.

stay hydrated to lose weight

When you consume less water, your body starts preparing for an upcoming window of little-to-no water intake. Hence it holds on to the present water desperately.

On the other hand, if you consume plenty of water throughout the day (135 ounces or 4 liters), you’ll be very less likely to retain water and your body will let it go freely.

Staying well-hydrated signals your body that there is an abundance of water, helping it to manage its natural water balance amongst all the systems and organs.

Just applying this simple water hack can help you lose 2-4 lbs within the first week, and further help to lose a stone in a month.

SALT: A Powerful Weight Loss Tool

An average American consumes way more salt (sodium) than is actually required. Thanks to the ever-increasing trend of convenience and packaged foods that are fully loaded with sodium.

Processed meats like ham and bacon are also well known to contain dangerously high amounts of sodium that is responsible for water retention and making you look puffy.

Did you know that an average Chinese takeaway meal with a main dish, side, and rice contains between 12.3g and 15.6g of salt, whereas the daily recommendation is capped at 6g in the UK.

Here are the top three reasons why salt is an enemy for weight loss:

1. High sodium foods make you thirsty and you are more likely to grab that can of soda (which is a high-calorie blunder) to quench your thirst. Research shows that if the amount of sodium in a teenager’s diet was halved, their cravings for sugary drinks reduced by 40%.

2.  Salt greatly enhances the taste of foods and therefore encourages overeating.

3. Research on animals shows that a high sodium diet affects the activity of fat cells, thereby making them larger.

What’s worse? Sodium loaded salty chips and fries can increase your risk of stroke and heart disease, according to CDC.

“So should I completely give up salt in order to lose a stone?”

No. You don’t have to give up salt. After all it’s a necessity and what’s the point of losing all that weight if you can’t enjoy regular foods?

The solution here is to cut out excess processed and junk foods from your diet. A whopping 65 percent of the sodium consumption in an average American’s diet comes from processed foods alone.

how to lose a stone in a month by cutting down salt

By eating fresher, whole foods, you can slash your sodium intake and lose up to a stone in a month.

I have compiled a list of suggestions that can help you begin your journey for a fresher, healthier diet with just enough amounts of sodium:

  • Replace your white refined foods (bread, white pasta, white rice, white flour) with high-fiber brown foods (such as whole-grain bread, brown rice, wheat flour, quinoa)
  • Keep a vegetable platter ready for in-between snacking throughout the day, instead of reaching out for that pack of chips!
  • Add more fruits such as banana and strawberries to supplement your major meals. You will feel less hungry throughout the day.
  • An apple a day keeps junk food cravings (and the doctor!) away

Studies show that reducing your salt intake could result in a decrease in body weight of around 6.8%, most of which takes place in the first couple of weeks.

An average person weighing over 13 stones could lose 6-8 lbs (water weight) in the first week or two – without even changing their calorie intake.

Exercise to Lose a Stone

Whenever we read about weight loss, all is good and merry until we come across this much-dreaded word – EXERCISE.

“But Opwyn, you promised that there will be no exercise required for losing a stone in a month.”

I know I said that and I still stand by my words. However, exercise is something that is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle.

It will greatly supplement the other strategies mentioned above and increase your chances to lose half a stone in a month.

Let me tell you an interesting fact: Exercise simply means physical activity.

You don’t have to be running endlessly like a hamster on the wheel! Pick any physical activity that you enjoy such as walking, running, jumping rope, playing any sport, or hitting the weights.

The three strategies mentioned above are all targeting the water weight in your body for quick and immediate weight loss. Once your body is depleted of the excess water, you will feel much lighter and debloated.

exercise to lose a stone in a month

But to keep losing more weight, you have to target the fat stores in your body. We need to burn more calories than we consume throughout the day to effectively start melting down the excess fat.

3,500 calories equal about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat. Aim for a 600 calorie deficit every day so that you lose 1-2 pounds of healthy weight per week.

Now there are three simple ways to creating a caloric deficit:

  • Lower your food intake and keep activity levels constant
  • Or keep eating the same way and start working out to burn more calories
  • Or adopt a blend of both (my personal recommendation)

Sweating from a workout will also lower water retention and make you lose weight.

Losing a Stone: Final Words

Above mentioned strategies will set your sails onto a successful weight loss journey. If you wondered how to lose a stone in a month, this guide is the ultimate solution.

But wait….

Imagine this: Today is your last day of the month and you have lost more than 11 pounds by following my hacks. People are starting to compliment your sharpened jawline (Yay!). Your friends are telling you that you’ve kinda changed, and all is merry and bright.

But where do you go from there?

Remember – most of the weight you just lost will begin to COME BACK in the form of water retention if you resume your old eating habits. So stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep off the fat for good!

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