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Healthy Life KETO Bread Review (Top 10 to Know!)

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Finding a ‘keto’ bread that can actively replace a traditional loaf is no easy task.

How exactly do you make a carb-free bread that matches the flavor and texture of wheat-based or rice-based flour?

Lewis Bakeries specializes in multiple “healthier” bread options that most competitors simply don’t offer. They’ve also been doing it since the 1990s, offering the first ‘carb-smart’ diet bread back in 2000.

Aimed toward customers looking for an easily accessible and healthy option available in retail stores and grocery chains like Sam’s Club, Lewis Bakeries’ Healthy Life line offers accessibility for healthier alternatives. Specifically, we’ll be reviewing their “Keto Bread,” to better understand what makes it keto.

Does a processed product like this belong in a mindful keto diet? Here’s our Healthy Life Keto Bread Review (Top 10 Facts You Should Know!).

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Is Healthy Life Keto Bread Truly Keto Friendly?

Yes. Healthy Life Keto Bread is keto-friendly. Even though It does contain 9 grams of carbohydrates, 8 grams are in the form of resistant starch.

Resistant starch has long been a hot topic within the keto community. The truth of the matter is, despite these starches being derived from carbohydrate-rich plant foods, they resist digestion in the small intestine and stomach.

As such, they do not count towards total carbs for those in ketosis. Any form of resistant starch is safe on the keto diet and will not raise your blood glucose levels or throw you out of ketosis. As the basis of Healthy Life Keto Bread, this starch is perfectly suitable for those on a keto diet.

Unfortunately, dietary nutrition cannot be viewed through a black-and-white lens.

We need to better understand the ingredients of a processed product, like bread, to know what makes it a safe choice.

There is a fine line between certain ingredients being ‘healthy’ for you, or better avoided.

Dietary restrictions can also make it harder to find foods that you can safely eat while staying healthy. This easily applies to things like ‘Keto Bread.’

Is Healthy Life Keto Bread Keto Friendly? Top 10 Facts You Should Know

While the bread itself is totally keto friendly, there are some things you might want to know about the ingredients used therein.

#1. Healthy Life Keto Bread Is Made From Resistant Starch

Healthy Life Keto Bread is made from ‘resistant wheat starch’.

There are 9 grams of total carbs per slice, but dietary fiber in the form of resistant starch is not ‘counted,’ as insoluble dietary fiber is not broken down by digestive enzymes to be utilized for energy and nutrients.

There are zero grams of added sugar, and the other 1 gram of carbohydrate comes from allulose, a sugar naturally found in fruit. Allulose is also not absorbed by the digestive system. 

The full ingredient breakdown includes: water, resistant wheat starch, wheat protein isolate, yeast, allulose, soybean oil, salt, chicory root fiber, stevia leaf extract (REB M), dough conditioner (mono and di-glycerides, ascorbic acid), calcium propionate, fumaric acid, sorbic acid, guar gum, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, soy lecithin.

#2. Resistant Starch is Great for Gut Health

Resistant Starch is not only beneficial for the makers of keto products – offering an alternative to traditional wheat flour, but is also highly beneficial for the gut.

As resistant starch travels from your large intestine to your colon undigested, it is then fermented by gut bacteria – contributing to the proliferation of ‘good’ strains of bacteria like Bifidobacteria.

The fermentation of these resistant starches, like the one found in Keto Bread, also helps to produce “short-chain fatty acids,” which confer their own sets of health benefits.

These short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) include the fatty acid butyrate, which is known to be the most important for overall health improvement – particularly gut health.

It is associated with reducing inflammation, improving the gut barrier function (preventing ‘leaky gut’), and reducing the risk of colon cancer or other digestive system morbidities.

Resistant starch has been noted by researchers as one of the best ways to increase butyrate production in the human population.

#3. Those With Severe Digestive Issues May Want to Steer Clear

As resistant starch is a prebiotic fiber – your gut may have some adjusting to do if you are not accustomed to large quantities of dietary fiber, particularly in the form of resistant starch.

Considering two slices of Keto Bread would amount to 16 grams of fiber from one meal alone, those with inflammation, IBS, IBD, or Colitis may want to slowly ease into adding more fiber while on a ketogenic diet.

This should be done through cooked (not raw) vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and arugula. Avocados offer a high monounsaturated fat content, while still providing a lot of dietary fiber.

Opt for whole coconut shreds or coconut flour as opposed to refined coconut oil and coconut milk to get some of that nutritious fiber content.

Those with a healthy gut should be able to adapt to a high prebiotic intake of fiber from resistant starches like this one, with no problem.

However, those with a large intake of dairy and meat without proper vegetables, nuts and seeds – might be dealing with bloating and constipation as a result of rapidly increasing intake.

Pay attention to any symptoms you notice, as the gut is a complex system.

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#4. Keto Diets Can Contribute to Poor Digestive Health

While ketones (a molecular by-product that has given the ‘keto’ diet its name) have been shown to help your gut microbiome by “suppressing inflammation,” thereby helping autoimmune digestive disorders.

However, most research clearly shows high-fat diets as promoting unhealthy shifts in the gut microbiome that leads to IBS, inflammation, and lowered populations of “good” gut bacteria – like Bifidobacteria.

One study indicated that those on a ketogenic diet lost the greatest quantity of Bifidobacteria when compared to cohorts – making this bread a great choice for improving gut populations of beneficial bacteria.

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, a certified physician in gastroenterology, states that keto can “decimate the gut,” and that “bacterial diversity is necessary for good health.”

If you are not increasing your dietary fiber intake from nutritious and whole plant foods, you are “laying the foundation for [IBS].” This is why eating healthy while on the keto diet is absolutely essential.

#5. Resistant Starch is Safe for Those on a Keto Diet

While those on a keto diet may automatically recoil from the word ‘starch,’ you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to incorporate more into your diet.

I would still recommend avoiding high quantities of raw potato starch – this can potentially have a disruptive effect on the gut, and cause pretty bad gas and bloating.

Slowly incorporating resistant starch by adding some of the slices of Healthy Life Keto Bread into your daily meal plans can be a great way to boost dietary fiber. Enjoy avocado toast, a poached egg over toast with black pepper, cherry tomatoes, and scallions – or even spin bruschetta into a keto-friendly recipe. 

Regardless, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the resistant wheat starch found in Keto Bread.

#6. Healthy Life Keto Bread Contains Allulose

Since sugar is composed entirely of carbohydrates, it is completely off-limits for those adhering to a strict ketogenic diet.

Recently, allulose has gained some popularity among the health-conscious crowd. Allulose is a natural sugar, less common than fructose or sucrose, found in some dried fruits like raisins and figs.

The sweetness is comparable to sucrose (white table sugar), but about ~60%-70% less sweet. As the body doesn’t recognize it the same way as sucrose or fructose (or other carbohydrates) it can be subtracted from the total carb count of a product or food.

#7. Allulose Is Not The Same as Sugar Alcohols or Artificial Sweeteners

It is not an artificial sweetener (like aspartame) or sugar alcohol (like xylitol).

 Allulose is not metabolized the same way, and does not have an impact on blood glucose levels – thus, it will not throw you out of ketosis. Instead, allulose is directly absorbed by the small intestine, and excreted through urine.

It is also a completely natural, unrefined sugar that is vegan, low in calories (~0.20 calories per gram) and easy on the digestive system.

#8. Healthy Life Bread Considered ‘Dirty Keto’ By Some

There is 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat per slice – meaning an extremely minuscule amount of soybean oil or cottonseed oil is being consumed with your daily toast.

Some may consider this a ‘Dirty Keto’ product, because it is a ‘refined’ food product and not whole food (I.E., vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein).

Dirty Keto is not a precise term. The meaning is pretty evident in the name itself. It is terminology for a keto diet that ignores food quality and is low in overall nutrients/vitamins.

Those concerns would be valid, as Healthy Life Keto Bread does contain two questionable ingredients in the form of soybean oil and fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil.

However, there are a number of healthful properties of Keto Bread that outweigh this small con – especially important to reinstate that this small amount of oil is negligible.

Of course, there is some debate about the healthfulness of seed oils, but we can clearly see from the research that they aren’t the best things to be putting in our bodies – and they certainly aren’t whole foods.

Refined oils are often processed using harsh chemicals, prone to oxidation, and can create inflammation within the body when eaten or consumed in excess.

At the same time, the product can still help you attain or maintain ketosis while enjoying a breakfast staple. Fears abound about the miniscule amount of oil in this product may also be overstated.

There are no trans fats in the product, as the oil is ‘fully’ hydrogenated, and there is only 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat per slice.

This is astronomically less than you would find in many products marketed as “healthy,” like corn chips, hummus, or pre-packaged vegetable meals.

#9. Healthy Life Keto Bread Contains Seed Oil and Hydrogenated Oil

On a ketogenic diet, your primary dietary calorie source is fat.

While a “dirty keto” diet still follows the primary basis of keto dieting by keeping carbs low to “promote the fat burning state known as ketosis,” it is not the healthiest choice – nor is it sustainable long-term.

Not only have seed oils been implicated in arterial damage and atherosclerosis, but they have also been shown to be inflammatory when consumed in excess.

This leads to fat storage and markers of obesity in mice test models. Most PUFA vegetable oils are processed using harsh chemical solvents unless organic or cold-pressed, and also oxidize at high heat temperatures. Oxidized lipids can drive heart disease and markers of disease.

Refined seed oils were never meant to be consumed in excess – they are refined food, not whole food. They are also void of most of the nutritional value found in the original whole food form (soybean, corn, peanut, sunflower seed).

#10. Fully Hydrogenated vs. Partially Hydrogenated – Big Difference

The important distinction between ‘partially’ hydrogenated fats (oils) and fully hydrogenated fats is that partial hydrogenation does create ‘trans-fats.’ When fully hydrogenated, the fat or oil has no trans-fats.

Thus, we can see that Keto Bread is trans-fat-free, and there is no concern about consuming trans-fats when eating this product.

Trans fats are bad fats. These are partially hydrogenated oils – which used to be commonly found in margarine, shortenings, cakes, baked goods, pies, and deep-fried foods. These fats “raise our bad cholesterol and lower our good cholesterol.”

Important Things to Keep in Mind for Keto Dieters

Now that we’ve established Healthy Life Keto Bread as a ‘safe’ and keto-friendly choice for those looking to enjoy avocado toast while staying in ketosis, let’s get to some other important advice for those new to keto.

Both as a dietary choice and lifestyle choice, keto can be more restrictive than many other ‘fad’ diets (which keto is not) in that you drastically eliminate a major source of calories (in the form of carbohydrates).

Many people view the keto diet as a way to ‘cheat’ on healthy eating by consuming a ton of fatty meats, dairy, and oils – without concern for the health ramifications because they continue to lose weight.

Ketogenic diets can be healthy, but they need to be composed of plenty of plant food and shift focus away from refined and processed products (including bread).

Products like Healthy Life Keto Bread can be viewed as a transition food, suitable for helping you more easily transition into the lifestyle. It was never going to be a suitable replacement for seared salmon on a plate of greens or a similarly healthy meal.

Considering many contemporary keto diets lack fiber, the benefits of including a product like Healthy Life Keto Bread can outweigh the small things we would consider negatives: refined oils, GMO ingredients like mono & diglycerides, stevia leaf extract, preservatives, and wheat protein.

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