Is American Cheese Keto-Friendly? (HINT: Playing with Fire!)

Is American Cheese Keto-frienldy

American cheese is an essential staple in a typical American diet. Some even say they can’t even survive a meal without it! This slice of deliciousness is usually found in American-style burgers, BLT sandwiches and the yummy mac and cheese.  Since the holy American cheese is such a versatile ingredient in American style cuisine, you … Read more

Is Diet Dr. Pepper Keto Friendly? [You’ll LOVE This!]

is diet dr. pepper keto?

Diet soda comes with the same (almost!) taste without the calories and sugar! No wonder why it’s so famous among fitness freaks! But is Diet Dr. Pepper keto friendly? Diet Dr. Pepper is extremely keto-friendly because it is free from any carbs. It’s sweetened with aspartame which doesn’t interfere with ketosis. Growing up with diabetic … Read more

Is Fairlife Milk Keto Friendly? [EXPOSING All Products!]

is fairlife keto friendly?

Fairlife milk contains half the number of carbs as regular milk! But is Fairlife keto? Fairlife’s ultra-filtered milk is not very keto-friendly because each serving contains 6g net carbs. That is too many carbs in one go and might even kick you out of ketosis! However, you can still enjoy half a serving to satisfy … Read more

Are Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers Keto? [And BEST Alternatives!]

are simple mills almond flour crackers keto?

Simple Mills is trying to revolutionize the snacking culture in America! Their products include high-quality organic ingredients keeping your long-term health in mind! But are Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers keto? Simple Mills almond flour crackers are not keto-compliant because they contain tapioca starch and cassava flour. Each serving contains 16g net carbs, which is … Read more

Is Menudo Keto Friendly? [Hominy is the CULPRIT!]

is menudo keto friendly?

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup that is as Mexican as it gets! It packs a good amount of nutrition and is commonly served on the weekends. But is Menudo keto? Menudo is made using beef tripe, broth, and red chili peppers. It is keto-friendly only when served without the hominy. Hominy, made from corn … Read more

Is Joseph’s Pita Bread Keto? [LAVASH Included!]

is joseph's pita bread keto?

Joesph’s Pita Bread is made using flax, oat bran, and whole wheat. Looking at the ingredients, it seems to be the healthiest pita bread on the planet! But is Joseph’s Pita bread keto? Joseph’s pita bread is moderately keto since it contains 4g net carbs. You can easily accommodate one pita in your daily carb … Read more

Is Liverwurst Keto Friendly? [Braunschweiger INCLUDED!]

is liverwurst keto friendly?

Liverwurst is a traditional meat sausage generally made using pork or beef liver. Organ meats are one of the most nutritious foods on earth! But is liverwurst keto approved? Just like most cured meats, liverwurst is also keto-friendly because of its low carb content. A 100g serving of liverwurst contains just 3g net carbs. Liverwurst … Read more

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Keto? [And BEST Alternatives!]

is pepper jack cheese keto

Oil and cheese go hand-in-hand with the word “keto”! But are all cheeses created equal? Is pepper jack cheese keto? Pepper jack cheese is fairly keto-friendly since it has just 1g net carbs per serving. When comparing it with other types of cheese, pepper jack falls in the middle of the carb scale. Cheese is … Read more