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Is Sugar Free Jello Keto? [Dealing With Your SWEET TOOTH!]


written by

Husein Gradasevic

is sugar free jello keto

Craving some dessert on the keto diet? The most logical option seems to be sugar-free desserts! But, is Sugar Free Jello Keto?

Jello originally comes from the brand Jell-O which offers various flavors of sugar-free gelatin. It is quite a hit among fitness enthusiasts due to its low-calorie nature!

You can easily get it as a powdered mix or simply in the form of a ready-to-eat dessert (saves a lot of hassles!).

is sugar free jello keto

If you’ve landed here, you fall into one of these categories:

  • Your sweet tooth is driving you nuts on this low-carb diet and you are looking for options!


  • You’ve just eaten Sugar-Free Jello and now wondering whether your keto superpowers are still intact!

Either way, let me assure you that Sugar-Free jello works just fine for most people on the keto diet. But you need to consider a few things before jumping to concrete conclusions!

In this article, we’ll explore how Sugar-Free Jello fits into our keto diet, its health aspects, and a beginner-friendly recipe for an ultimate Keto-Safe Jello!

Is Sugar Free Jello Keto Friendly?

Sugar-free jello is keto friendly with 0g of net carbs per serving. However, it contains maltodextrin which may induce an insulin response in some people, thereby impacting ketosis.

You could even add keto toppings like whipped cream, dark chocolate shavings, or some berries for a soul-satisfying keto dessert!

Have sugar free jello on keto only as a dessert and try not to binge on it. A small pack has 3-4 servings and you should not go beyond 2 servings in a day. Too much of it can hinder your keto as it contains maltodextrin.

is sugar free jello keto approved

Some sweeteners like Splenda or Nutrasweet may also impact ketosis in a small percentage of people. If you want to be really sure, the only way is to measure your ketone levels after having the jello!

Thanks to the widespread popularity of keto, there has been a surge of sugar-free jello brands in the market!

Artificial sweeteners are complicated and you don’t know which one can end up ruining your ketosis!

If a jello with Splenda works great for me and keeps me in deep ketosis, the same jello can even throw you out of fat-burning mode within a few hours!

You’ll be cursing the brand left and right, frustrated with the loss of your hard-earned ketosis! But trust me, everyone is different and you have to try and experiment with different jellos until you find the right one that works for you!

Maltodextrin found in many jellos is also known to disturb ketosis by affecting your insulin. However, its exact quantity isn’t mentioned on nutrition labels and we don’t know whether it’s significant enough to worry about!

This leads me to a point which we keto-ers need to ingrain in our minds:

Sugar-Free DOES NOT mean Keto-Friendly! Many sugar-free products use sweeteners that can spike your insulin and might even throw you out of ketosis.

With that said, most people will do just fine with small servings of sugar-free jello on the keto diet. It won’t stall your ketosis unless you are too sensitive to maltodextrin.

Is Sugar Free Jello Low Carb?

Sugar Free Jello has 0g of net carbs and as few as 10 calories per serving.

However, that does not mean that it’s 100% keto-friendly because it contains a sweetener called Maltodextrin, which may disturb ketosis in some people!

Though you need a lot more quantity to have a significant impact from Maltodextrin, highly sensitive people can even be affected by tiny amounts.

If maltodextrin doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of other brands offering sugar-free gelatin desserts with different sweeteners.

Try a few others until you find the perfect one that doesn’t disturb your keto diet!

Is Regular Jello Keto Friendly?

Visit any American diner during breakfast and you’re sure to spot a huge mountain of jelly for your spreads!

They are very smooth and jiggly kinda desserts made from gelatin (a kind of protein).

However, do not mistake them for low carb food because it is a highly sugar-laden product! Regular jello is not at all keto friendly as even a half cup serving has a whopping 18 grams of sugar!

Let’s look at the complete nutrition profile of a single serving of regular jello:

Regular jelly nutrition

As you can see, regular jelly or gelatin desserts are highly anti-keto!

They are filled with simple sugars that can quickly kick you out of ketosis! On top of it, they have zero fat content that makes it even worse for this low-carb high-fat diet!

It is quite low in calories compared to other sugar-laden sweets. That’s why people cutting down calories find it as the most favorable dessert!

However, if you are on the keto diet, eating regular jello could be disastrous! Stick to sugar-free jello as it has 0 net carbs.

Is Sugar Free Jello Unhealthy?

Sugar free jello is pretty low in calories and has even less than 10 calories per serving.

It is free from fats or bad cholesterol that is usually the most common ingredient of unhealthy foods in the market today!

But there are a few more things to consider before we label jello as a healthy food on keto.

Let me remind you that it is also a highly processed item and houses a lot of man-made ingredients.

Maltodextrin, Aspartame, & Phenylalanine are the three major ingredients that can be a cause of concern for heavy jello eaters.

Maltodextrin in Sugar Free Jello

Maltodextrin is a sweetener used in Keto sugar-free jello. It has an unusually high glycemic index of 110!

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s the same as that of simple sugar!

It is the reason why diabetics are always advised against using Maltodextrin. You also risk getting kicked out of ketosis.

Sugars that cause a sudden spike in blood glucose levels are very poor sources of energy and devoid of any nutrition.

Maltodextrin goes under many processes and it is usually derived from rice, corn, or wheat. Those on the strict keto diet should stay away from sugar-free jello as it goes against their rules.

Maltodextrin is also used in foods like sugar-free jello to increase its thickness. It’s also used as a preservative that increases shelf life.

FDA recommends that most of your daily carbohydrates should come from complex and fiber-rich sources instead of simple carbs like Maltodextrin.

There is a common myth in the health community that Maltodextrin has gluten.

Maltodextrin gets its name from the word “malt” which is made from barley. However, the manufacturing process of Maltodextrin makes it completely free from gluten.

So how do you find out whether the sugar-free jello isn’t the right jello for your keto diet?

Well, you have two options to check if the sweetener in jello caused an insulin spike:

  1. Measure your ketones via blood, breath, or urine test strips.
  2. Observe yourself and look for symptoms like sudden headache, increased thirstiness, blurred vision or fatigue

With that said, Maltodextrin shouldn’t be a problem if you are having jello in small servings just as a dessert.


If you have been searching online for healthy foods or supplements, I’m pretty sure you have also heard about Aspartame.

Most brands of sugar-free jello use aspartame and sucralose as sweeteners.

Some studies show that Aspartame isn’t a very healthy ingredient and may cause health issues like inflammation.

While there is a lack of research on humans, several studies on animals have linked Aspartame with an increased risk of certain cancers. They were given a daily dose of 9 mg per pound of their body weight.

What’s more, the currently accepted daily limit for humans is 22.7 mg per pound of bodyweight! It is way more than what caused harm to the animals.

But don’t let the data generate fear in your minds. You are less likely to consume such a hefty amount on small servings of sugar free jello on keto!

You should consider having minimum aspartame-flavored foods on a regular basis.


You may have noticed a warning on nutrition labels of some healthy snacks that says: **Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine

Have you ever wondered what does it signify?

It has something to do with aspartame again. But this time it’s different!

Phenylketonuria or PKU is a genetic disorder in a small percentage of people that may lead to brain damage or seizures when they consume aspartame.

Even though it only affects a very small percentage of people, it’s good that the brands mention it on their label!

Alternatives to Sugar Free Jello on Keto

If you don’t want Maltodextrin in your belly, or you are simply looking for more keto desserts to try, I’ve got some good options for you!

There are plenty of products that are made exclusively for those on the keto journey. Why not make the most out of it?

Lily’s Chocolate Bars

You’re missing a LOT on keto if you haven’t yet tried Lily’s dark chocolate bars!

It is a heavenly low-carb dessert that is flavored with plant-based sweeteners: Stevia & Erythritol.

Both of these sweeteners can’t affect insulin and hence are keto-safe! In fact, Erythritol is the backbone of most keto desserts, such as these peanut butter cookies.

You can have this bar as a snack, as a dessert, or even use its shavings in your favorite keto desserts!

Salted Almond and Milk is my top choice but you have so many more flavors to choose from:

lily's chocolate bar net carbs
Serving size: Half a bar

Lily’s chocolate bar ranges from 2g – 5g net carbs and 13 – 16g of fats per serving.

They have an excellent carb-to-fat ratio which is why they are the greatest keto desserts of all time!

Highkey Snacks Mini Keto Cookies

Highkey mini cookies are exclusively made for us keto-ers! As a bonus, they are grain-free and gluten-free as well!

They are the best cookies I’ve ever had on the keto diet! I’ve tried literally every option out there (Fat Snax, Quest cookies, NUI, etc) but nothing comes close to their taste and texture!

My opinion might be biased because these are the first cookies I ever tried on keto. But I’d still stick to my choice!

Unlike the most low-carb cookies in the market, Highkey offers cute and tiny little pieces that help you eat less.

I feel that having 6 little cookies is much more satisfying and filling (psychologically) than one huge cookie!

It gives me a feeling that I’m eating more and I can even portion them out throughout the day.

One serving of Highkey Chocolate Chip Keto Mini Cookies contains 140 calories, 14g fat, 4g protein, and just 2g net carbs.

READ: Are Quest Cookies Keto?

Rebel Ice Cream

How about some keto ice cream that has just 1g net carbs per serving?

Seems like a dream come true! Isn’t it so?

That’s exactly what Rebel Ice Cream is offering us!

It’s the perfect high-fat no-sugar replacement for our favorite ice creams that keeps me sane on the keto diet!

Rebel ice cream is Kosher certified and caters exclusively to the keto diet with its keto-friendly ingredients.

Rebel Keto Ice Cream

I find them really creamy and sweet without the bitter-ish after taste of Erythritol.

If you happen to order a pint of this beauty, make sure you thaw it for 10 minutes before diving in! Trust me, it feels much better that way.

Otherwise, you may have consistency issues and the taste would feel like you’re eating frozen cardboard, lol!

You can defrost it in the microwave or simply leave it out for 10 minutes on the kitchen shelf.

Since it has Erythritol, there is no risk of spiking up your blood sugar, unlike the sugar-free jello!

Homemade Sugar Free Jello Recipe

Sick of processed foods and artificial sweeteners? Worry not!

Today I’m going to share with you a homemade keto jello recipe that is 100% beginner-friendly!

The best part about making your own desserts is that you completely control what goes on the plate. No hidden preservatives or cheap additives to inflate the volume!

This keto strawberry jello is made using real strawberries that are merge beautifully with the gelatin! You get authentic strawberry flavor in each bite!

via Low Carb Asian

With just 4g net carbs per serving, it makes for a great occasional indulgence on the low carb diet!

I am well aware that the original Sugar-Free Jell-O has no net carbs at all! But if you want something completely natural and wholesome, there is a small price to be paid!

This is a completely beginner-friendly recipe that requires almost no cooking. Here are the ingredients required:

  • Strawberries
  • Swerve/Monkfruit
  • Water
  • 2 tbsp Gelatin
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Get the Complete Recipe from Low Carb Asian


Is Sugar Free Jello Keto?

Sugar free jello is keto-friendly as it has 0g net carbs per serving. However, it contains Maltodextrin which may disturb ketosis in a very small percentage of people!

An occasional indulgence works fine with most people. The actual quantity of Maltodextrin is too little to cause an impact!

Sugar-free jello comes with a huge variety of sweeteners and you should find the one that works best for you.

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