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Is Jackfruit Keto Approved? [Keto MYTHS Busted]


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Husein Gradasevic

is jackfruit keto friendly

Jackfruit is loaded with nutrients and vitamins and is highly famous for its meat-like texture when cooked! But is Jackfruit keto-friendly?

Whether you hate the idea of having meat, or you simply want to have something unprocessed or completely nature-made, jackfruit seems to be a great option!

is jackfruit keto friendly

Its consistency is quite comparable to pulled pork or chicken and it is jam-packed with vitamins that make it look like the ultimate vegetarian super-food.

Let’s explore the keto aspect of jackfruit, explore more about vegan keto, jackfruit benefits on a keto diet, and some worthy alternatives to look at.

Is Jackfruit Keto Friendly?

A 100g serving (3.5 ounces) of jackfruit contains 22 grams of net carbohydrates and hence jackfruit is not keto friendly.

The keto diet is a very high-fat and low-carb diet where you limit your carb intake to less than 30g per day.

A single serving of jackfruit is going to eat up all your carbs quota and you’ll not be able to eat anything else the entire day.

However, it does not mean you can not make jackfruit a part of your keto diet. Given its immense benefits (discussed further in this article) and the meat-like consistency, you can occasionally enjoy it even on a low carb diet.

But before you head out to the grocery store, you need to know the different types of jackfruit available in the market because they greatly differ in their carb content!

Different Types of Jackfruit (Varying Carbs)

As we have seen, a single serving of jackfruit is quite high in carbs. However, you can still enjoy half a serving and make it into a delicious keto recipe.

Now I’m going to share a secret very few people know in the keto community!

There are actually two types of jackfruit available in the market: One is the completely ripened one (orange in color) and the other is a comparatively younger version which is underripe (bright green).

If you go for the underripe Jackfruit, you can enjoy the same meaty texture while consuming fewer carbs! This leads to a win-win situation where you can relish the taste without compromising ketosis.

The under-ripe jackfruit doesn’t have any particular flavor and it can easily blend in with any recipe. It can soak up all the flavors and sauces just like meat would.

The ripened jackfruit, on the other hand, is often consumed as a dessert since it’s packed with sugar!

I would suggest that you consume less than 50 grams in a day which will make up approx 8g of carbs if you buy the underripe jackfruit.

Jackfruit Benefits on Keto

The keto diet limits daily carb intake to less than 30g and hence you should consume Jackfruit only in moderation.

But other than its meat-like consistency, Jackfruit also boasts a high profile of minerals and nutrients that provide a lot of health benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits of Jackfruit on a keto diet:

Jackfruit is Packed with Nutrients

Jackfruit is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and contains a good amount of protein for a fruit of its kind (3g protein per cup).

One cup of sliced Jackfruit can give you the following micronutrients based on Required Daily Intake set by FDA:

  • Vitamin A: 10%
  • Vitamin C: 18%
  • Riboflavin: 11%
  • Magnesium: 15%
  • Potassium: 14%
  • Copper: 15%
  • Manganese: 16% of the RDI

Improves Blood Sugar

Thanks to its high fiber content, Jackfruit has a low glycemic index which means that it steadily raises your blood sugar levels after eating.

Having low GI foods is a great way to improve insulin sensitivity and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. On top of it, low GI also ensures that you won’t be kicked out of ketosis due to sudden sugar spikes.

Flavonoid antioxidants present in the Jackfruit are instrumental in improving blood sugar stability.

Boosts Immunity

Eating Jackfruit on Keto can greatly reduce your risk of diseases by enhancing your immunity!

Jackfruit is packed with many antioxidants that prevent your cells from oxidative stress and inflammation. In simpler terms, they’ll empower your cells to fight better with viruses and bacteria.

Jackfruit is rich in Vitamin C, Carotenoids, and Flavanones that can safeguard you from chronic diseases like heart illness or diabetes.

Your Guide to Vegetarian Keto

Vegetarians on the Keto diet often ask me – “Is Jackfruit Keto?”

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian beginning on this beautiful low carb journey, here are a few tips that will help you stay on the right track!

Keto vegetarians usually fall into two categories: Either you are vegetarian thinking to benefit from the keto diet, or you are already practicing keto but the idea of going meat-free sounds very appealing to you!

Either way, vegeterian keto can definitely be a success if you are ready to make the right changed to your diet.

Eat Those Veggies

Vegetables are super-rich in vitamins and minerals and green leafy vegetables on a keto diet can enhance all the areas of your life!

Non-starchy vegetables like Kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower provide sufficient amounts of fiber and can fulfil all your micronutrients needs.

leafy vegetables on keto

A well-balanced keto salad can give you an abundance of natural fats from pure-fat sources like meats and high-fat plants (avocado, olive, or coconut oils). The veggies will help you curb appetite and get rid of hunger cravings.

You have to avoid all root tubers and starchy vegetables like potato, carrots, beets, etc in order to stay within the carb limit.

Other than Jackfrtui on keto, here are some vegetables that are quite filling and yet have little carbs:


Pumpkin puree is a common ingredient for many keto recipes. It is allowed on keto in moderation as it has just 7g of net carbs per half-cup serving.


This keto superfood is surprisingly rich in protein (3g per cup) and other micronutrients while being super low in carbs. It has just 3.5g of net carbs per cup.


Spinach is a quick and easy source of adding vitamins, minerals, and iron to your keto diet. You can use it in salads or have it along your meals as it has just 2.5 g of net carbs per cup.


Multi-colored bell peppers provides an appealing look to the keto recipes along with a great crunchy texture. Enjoy them in moderation as they has 6g net carbs per half a cup.


Zucchini is synonymous to pasta as its difficult to find one in absence of the other! But on a keto diet, zucchini has to break the ties with carb-loaded pasta and make its way into your recipes.

It’s filled with vitamins and calcium and is super low in carb (3g per medium zucchini).


Cauliflower is one of the most versatile food in a keto diet as it can replace potatoes, rice, or even pasta in many recipes.

It has a plain taste which makes it a very flexible ingredient because it can absorb all the spices and sauces! With just 3g of net carbs per cup, cauliflower is my favorite veggie in the keto food list.


Well, this one is technically a fruit, but we can’t possibly talk about anything keto and not mention this ultimate food!

Avocadoes have just 1.5g of net carbs per serving (100g) and they are super-rich in healthy fats, potassium, magnesium, and fiber.

You can relish it in raw form in your salads, blend it into recipes, or simply use avocado oil as a fat supplement to your low carb diet.

Protein is a MUST

Experts recommend that you have at least 1.5g of protein per kg weight of your body. For example, someone weighing 80 Kgs (176 lbs) should include minimum 120g of protein on a keto diet.

These requirements do differ based on your personal aspects such as body composition, physical activity levels, etc. But 1.5g per kg is an ideal goal to aim for.

If you are a vegetarian, you can use a blend of dairy, egg, and plant (nuts & seeds) proteins to reach your macro goals successfully and ensure optimal health on the keto diet.

Here are some of the best protein sources on a vegetarian keto diet:

  • Greek yogurt: 15g protein and 5g of net carbs per serving of 150g
  • Cottage cheese: 11g of protein with just 3.5g net carbs in 100g serving
  • Hemp seeds: 9g protein and 1g net carbs per ounce (28g)
  • Eggs: 14g protein and 1g carbs in a serving of 2 large eggs.
  • Parmesan cheese: 9g protein and 1g net carbs per ounce
  • Hard & Semi-hard cheeses like cheddar, provolone: 8g protein and 1g net carb per ounce
  • Soft cheeses like feta, blue cheese: 5g protein and 1g of carb per ounce
  • Peanut Butter: 8g protein and 4g net carbs per 2 tbsp (32g)
  • Tofu: 19g protein and 2g net carbs per 5 ounces.
  • Tempeh: 20g protein and 4g net carbs per 3.5 ounces or 100 grams.

Jackfruit on a keto diet can also give you 3g of protein per cup, which is way better than other fruits in its category like mangoes.

Soy has recently attracted a bad rep among health professionals due to its potential side effects on thyroid in some people. However, further research suggests that this should be taken with a grain of salt!

On top of it, most of the marketed soy products are highly processed and hence they should be avoided. Stick with natural sources like tofu and tempeh to supplement your diet.

In order to avoid any potential issues with thyroid while consuming large amounts of soy on a vegan keto, you should use rich sources of iodine in your diet. Some of the iodine-rich food sources are iodized salt, seaweed, and yogurt.

Bonus: You’ll also get some amount of protein from low carb vegetables like Kale, which has 3g protein per cup.

Use Healthy Oils to Get Enough Fats

Since meats comprise the bulk of most people’s keto diet, vegetarians are likely to struggle with their fat intake.

This is where oils and pure-fat sources come into play to rescue you from fat scarcity! Not only do they amplify the fat content in your food but also help you feel full for longer.

sunflower oil on keto

Some of the natural and keto-friendly oils are butter, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

Here are a few checks to make when analyzing whether an oil is a good fat source on keto:

  • Smoke Point: It should survive high temperatures without disintegrating into toxic substances
  • Healthy Fats: It should be a source of healthy and natural fats
  • Flexible: You should be able to enjoy it as a salad dressing, a recipe ingredient, etc.

Check out: Sesame Oil and Other Cooking oils on Keto

Get Sufficient Nutrients

With the absence of meats in a low-carb diet, it’s easy to neglect certain essentials vitamins and nutrients if you aren’t careful enough!

You need to be actively monitoring your micronutrients by logging in your daily meals in online apps like My Fitness Pal.

In a normal diet, vegetarians do fine in these aspects due to grains and legumes. But when it comes to keto, these items are strictly out of the way, and you are left with nutrient deficiencies.

If you consume the vegetarian keto foods mentioned earlier in this article, most of the nutrients will be taken care of.

You can double down on low carb veggies and low carb dairy to be extra sure. Eating Jackfruit on keto is a great way to get good amounts of nutrients.

Possible Drawbacks to Vegetarian Keto

If you’ve chosen to go meat-free on the keto diet, it’s a great decision and definitely doable! However, you may need to put in some extra effort to enjoy a smooth journey!

You’ll be more prone to deficiencies in terms of proteins, essential fats, minerals, and some other nutrients.

You can even be a vegan and still reap the benefits of a Keto diet. But it might not be feasible in the long term because cutting out dairy leaves you with a very limited set of food options.

Dairy sources of proteins provide all the nine essential amino acids, which can’t be found in plant proteins. Most of them lack either one or more of them.

Fat bombs like butter, cream cheese, heavy whipped creams make your keto journey a lot easier as they are a quick and easy source of fat.

Jackfruit Low Carb Recipe

We have seen tons of health benefits by eating Jackfruit on a keto diet, and now it’s time to get things in action!

I’m going to share with you my all-time favorite Jackfruit recipe for the keto diet: Vegan Keto Buffalo Jackfruit Dip

This recipe is a delight for all vegetarians and vegans since it is free from soy, dairy, or coconut! It is quite a beginner-friendly recipe that could be enjoyed as an evening snack or a full meal.

Vegan Keto Jackfruit Bufallo Dip

Making this recipe is as simple as simply mixing everything in a bowl!

Check out the ingredients:

  • Brined Jackfruit (green in color)
  • Vegan cream cheese
  • Hot sauce
  • Vegan ranch dressing
  • Chopped scallions
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Vegan cheese shreds (optional)

Get the complete recipe from Meat Free Keto


Is Jackfruit Keto?

Jackfruit on a keto diet can only be eaten occasionally and in smaller quantities as it is very high in carbs. One serving of jackfruit (100g) gives you 22g of net carbs which can entirely exhaust your carbs quota for the day.

If you decide to have it, go for the underripe green Jackfruits as they contain fewer carbs but come with the same taste and nutrients. Jackfruit can be a great meat-replacement in a vegetarian keto diet, as it tastes similar to pulled pork or chicken.

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