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Is Lettuce Keto Friendly? [The SENSATIONAL Keto Veggie!]


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Husein Gradasevic

is lettuce keto friendly

We all LOVE lettuce because it’s highly versatile and super low in calories! It has a deliciously crunchy texture and is available year-round. But is lettuce really keto?

Lettuce is a keto-friendly vegetable because a single cup serving contains just 1g net carbs. You can easily fit it into a daily carb limit of 20 grams.

Eating fast food on keto has become really easy, thanks to lettuce! You can have bunless burgers wrapped inside the iceberg. And if you love Mexican food, replace those taco shells with a lettuce wrap to save a ton of carbs!

is lettuce keto friendly

In this article, we’ll find out why lettuce is keto-friendly and also discuss some exciting ways to enjoy it on keto.

Is Lettuce Keto Approved?

An ideal keto vegetable is one that has the minimum amount of carbs with maximum nutrients! And lettuce scores really well in this metric!

According to WebMD, a single cup of shredded lettuce contains:

  • Calories: 10.
  • Protein: 1 gram.
  • Fat: 0 grams.
  • Carbohydrates: 2 grams.
  • Fiber: 1 gram.
  • Sugar: 1 gram.
  • Net Carbs: 1 gram.

As you can see, lettuce has a very low carb content and packs a ton of dietary fiber. It’s not only keto-friendly but also great for your gut!

What’s more, you are highly unlikely to overeat Lettuce and get yourself kicked out of ketosis! It isn’t something that you’ll binge on while watching your favorite series on Netflix.

is lettuce low carb

Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that’s primarily used in salads. Its crunchy flavor and hydrating nature makes it an excellent addition to various keto recipes.

Even though lettuce is a keto-friendly vegetable, don’t go overboard with it! It has a carb content much lower than other veggies, but it’s not an all-you-can-eat veggie on keto!

Every single carb counts when you have a daily limit of 20g of carbs!

Think of it this way: If all you had was $20 in your pocket, wouldn’t you spend each buck carefully?

So try to get the maximum nutrition with minimum carbs in each meal!

Lettuce can also help you feel satiated with the least amount of carbs. This will prevent you from eating more than you need, and keep you on the right track!

Having said that, there’s a lot of variety in lettuce. One should know how to pick the best one on the keto diet.

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What Lettuce is Best for Keto?

Lettuce is an extremely low-carb leafy green packed with a ton of nutrition.

I was literally shocked to find out that there are more than 16 types of lettuce! But Romaine and Iceberg lettuce are the most common ones found in every grocery store.

If you spend enough time exploring a local farmer’s produce, you’ll surely find tons of different varieties.

For the purpose of this article, lets just stick to the more familiar ones (so that you don’t feel like an alien!)

All types of lettuce can be put into 4 categories:

  • Head lettuce (aka capitata)
  • Leaf lettuce (aka crispa)
  • Romaine lettuce (aka longifolia)
  • Celtuce lettuce (aka augustana)

Head lettuce is named after its looks. It is a thick and thick and round type of lettuce. Iceberg and Butterhead lettuce are some of the examples you’ll easily find in your local market.

Leaf lettuces have their leaves branching out from a single stalk. There’s no head formation and this type of lettuce is much more tender. Hold your keto dressings until just before serving this salad!

Romaine lettuce has longer leaves that are a bit on the bitter side. But its center is sweet and crunchy! It was once under the “radar” for an E. Coli infection, but experts have declared it as a safe-to-eat veggie.

Celtuce lettuce is known by various names across the globe – stem lettuce, celery lettuce, asparagus lettuce. It is very popular lettuce in China and hence its also known as the Chinese Lettuce. It has a nutty flavor and a bit of smoky aftertaste.

So which lettuce is best for keto?

Since all types of lettuce are similar in carbs, Romaine lettuce is best suited for the keto diet. It has a higher amount of healthy micronutrients.

The darker varieties of lettuce provide a higher dose of essential micronutrients. That’s also the reason why Romaine lettuce is often called a dieter’s dream!

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Is Romaine Lettuce Keto?

Lettuce is the soul of most keto-friendly salads. It packs the perfect amount of crunch and can be eaten in a lot of different ways.

Romaine lettuce is keto-friendly because it contains less than 1g of net carbs per cup. It is also high in fiber which keeps your blood sugar in check.

is romaine lettuce keto

Also known as Cos lettuce, this leafy-green provides you with a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins. It is also rich in beta carotene, which further converts Vitamin A into your body (great for the eyes!).

Romaine lettuce is ideal for keto as it has bigger and much stronger leaves. You can use it as a bread substitute in keto sandwiches.

Enjoy those juicy meat patties without the added carbs of a bun. Get your favorite hamburgers wrapped inside a lettuce wrap to enjoy fast food guilty-free on keto.

Love tacos? Use lettuce leaves instead of the taco shells to eliminate unwanted carbs!

(Or you could use something like Mission Keto Low Carb Wraps)

Bonus Tip: The outermost leaves of Romaine lettuce have the maximum amounts of essential nutrients. Try to finish your lettuce within a few days because this one has a shorter life.

Ways to Eat Lettuce on Keto

Extremely low-carb veggies like lettuce enjoy a FREE pass on keto.


Well, it means you can eat as much as you want without worrying about your carb limit!

It’s quite hard to overeat green leafy veggies like cabbage, asparagus, zucchini, kale, and lettuce. Even if you finish 3 cups of shredded lettuce, it will only take away 3g net carbs from your daily quota!

If you struggle to get enough fats throughout the day, here’s a tip: Use veggies like lettuce as a vehicle to get your dose of fats!

Cook some leaves in pure fat sources like butter, ghee, lard, olive oil, sesame oil, palm oil, etc.

Romaine lettuce is often used in Caesar salads, but that’s not it! Brush your lettuce with some olive oil and grill it to make an excellent keto-friendly appetizer.

Lettuce is a savior when visiting fast-food restaurants on a keto diet! I just love the Baconator from Wendy’s and simply can’t live without it.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to give up my favorite food just because of a diet!

You can still enjoy those juicy patties (no ketchup, no mayo) wrapped inside a beautiful large lettuce wrap. It adds a crunchy touch to the whole meal!

Bonus Tip: Use a toothpick to hold the lettuce leaves in place.

Can You Eat Salad on a Keto Diet?

Keto is a highly restrictive diet and you may be wondering whether its “okay” to have salads.

Let me assure you, salads enjoy a high popularity in the keto community!

The word “salad” is almost synonymous to leafy green veggies like kale and lettuce!

In fact, low-carb salads are a staple in the keto diet. They can easily satisfy your hunger with minimum amount of carbs! Plus, you get a healthy dose of essential micronutrients!

Use these low carb veggies to make lip-smacking keto salads at the comfort of your home:

  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus
  • Kale
  • Avocado
  • Green Beans
  • Cauliflower
  • Eggplant
  • Olives

As a rule of thumb, stick to the vegetables that grow above the ground.

Avoid tubers and root vegetables like potato, yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. – I hope you get the idea!

Since vegetables have negligible fats, you have to make sure you load up your salads with sufficient high-fat dressings (e.g. olive oil, butter, hard cheeses).

When it comes to salads, your kitchen becomes a playground and you can experiment in a ton of different ways! Simply stick to the basic low-carb rules and you’ll do just fine.

Here’s an easy 5-ingredient keto salad that can be ready in 15 minutes:


  • 10 oz (285g) boneless chicken
  • 3 slices of bacon (90g)
  • One large Avocado
  • 4 cups shredded lettuce (or any other leafy green)
  • 4 tbsp low-carb Ranch Dressing
lettuce salad on keto


  1. Preheat your oven at 400 degrees F and simultaneously grill the chicken on a skillet.
  2. Cook the chicken on high flame until it turns golden brown on both sides (approx. 5 minutes).
  3. Now transfer the skillet into the oven and cook it for 10 minutes.
  4. Cook the bacon slices in a frying pan until crisp and golden.
  5. Dice or slice the avocado and the cooked chicken.
  6. Finally, it’s time to assemble the salad: Put lettuce as the base, and add avocado, chicken, and bacon.
  7. Pour two tbsp of keto ranch dressing and your lip-smacking keto salad is ready!


This keto-lettuce salad recipe yields 2 servings.

Each serving contains:

  • Calories: 580
  • Total Carbs: 10.3g
  • Protein: 37g
  • Fat: 44g
  • Fiber: 7.3g
  • Net Carbs: 3g (impressive!)

Feel free to experiment with different dressings and meats.

Salads don’t have to be boring and you can try an endless number of variants of the same recipe! The goal is to break the monotony and enjoy the process!

When ordering salads at a restaurant, ditch the fancy stuff like croutons and sugary dressings to keep it keto-friendly.

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Is Lettuce Really Keto?

Yes, lettuce is a highly keto-friendly vegetable with just 1g net carbs per cup serving. Also, you’re very less likely to overeat this leafy keto superfood.

Most keto-ers are obsessing over macronutrients without the slightest care for micronutrients! But let me remind you, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes are critical for a healthy living!

Green-leafy and cruciferous veggies like lettuce are a key ingredient on keto. Otherwise, where else would you get such handsome amounts of fiber and antioxidants?

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