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Is Propel Keto Friendly? [I Have AWESOME News!]


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Husein Gradasevic

is propel keto

If people only drank water, giants like Coke and Pepsi wouldn’t be worth billions of dollars! It’s always good to have options to quench your thirst! Today we’ll look at: Is Propel Keto?

Thanks to the massive popularity of keto, we already have plenty of low carb drinks like Zevia and Bai Drinks!

But what about Propel Flavored Water? I’ve heard they also have electrolytes (which are good for keto).

is propel keto

In this article, we will find out how Propel fits into the keto diet, its potential benefits, and explore some more keto-friendly beverages to add variety to our life!

Is Propel Keto Approved?

Propel flavored water is completely keto-friendly as it has ZERO carbs. It is sweetened with Sucralose which is a sugar-free sweetener. However, their Vitamin Boost range has 2g net carbs which should be enjoyed only in limited quantity.

In fact, Propel is much healthier than your beloved Diet Coke which uses Aspartame (unhealthy sweetener!).

Admit it, a flexible diet is way easier to stick to! Having plenty of drinking options can break the monotony of any diet.

At the end of a hectic day, something flavorful like Propel can prevent you from the temptation of your favorite cheat-meal!

Propel water is also infused with electrolytes, which are a necessity for the keto diet.

If you are a beginner who is just entering ketosis, you’ll need more and more electrolytes to tackle the keto-flu!

You may be wondering why you need all that sodium and potassium. Well, here’s the reason:

As you give up the majority of your carbs, your body starts releasing the old stores of glycogen to use them for energy.

The process also releases a lot of excess water which was used to retain this glycogen. It’s also the reason why we make frequent visits to the washroom when entering ketosis!

But along with the water, you also leak out essential minerals known as electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium).

That’s why you need to consume a diet rich in electrolytes to avoid symptoms like headache, fatigue, brain fog, etc.

propel water is keto friendly

Propel electrolyte water goes beyond just hydration and provides you with plenty of vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

You can also enjoy Propel even while on a keto fast! It is completely sugar-free and won’t impact your blood sugar levels, keeping you in full ketosis!

However, it’s “general” electrolyte water and if you really want some solid electrolytes, look out for supplements that are specifically made for keto!

So in conclusion, Propel can be a really great keto-friendly replacement for plain, boring water!

But if you are looking to replenish electrolytes while tackling keto-flu, you have much better options at hand.

Propel Water Net Carbs

Propel offers 3 different products under their brand name.

Here’s a list of them along with the net carbs in each:

  • Propel Purified Water with Electrolytes: 0g net carbs
  • Propel Powder Packs: 0g net carbs
  • Propel Vitamin Boost: 2g net carbs

Sweeteners Used in Propel Water

Propel’s electrolyte-infused water is flavored with Sucralose (Splenda) and the Vitamin Boost range uses Stevia.

Both of them are sugar-free sweeteners. However, Vitamin Boost also contains added sugar which contributes to those 2g carbs.

Stevia is a well-known calorie-free and sugar-free sweetener that is 100% keto-friendly!

But what about Sucralose?

Sucralose is another low-calorie sweetener that has been used for decades to lower sugar consumption!

Fun fact: Sucralose is actually made with sugar but its properties greatly differ from its source!

Did you know that Sucralose is almost 600 times sweeter than sugar?

Is Sucralose Keto?

The words Sucralose and Splenda are synonyms to each other because SPLENDA enjoyed a monopoly in the market.

Today can spot Sucralose in many diet-friendly foods like chewing gum, yogurt, canned fruits, syrups, and other condiments.

Even though it is made using sugar, Sucralose greatly differs in terms of taste and texture!


Sucralose is a very keto-friendly sweetener since it’s carb-free and calorie-free.

How come something so sweet doesn’t affect insulin?

Well, Sucralose is a sweetener that passes through our digestive tract without being absorbed. It is directly thrown out of our body via urine.

You only absorb a small portion (say 15%) but even that is not broken down for energy! Hence, Sucralose has no effect on insulin or ketosis!

NOTE: A very tiny percentage of people may be affected by the Sucralose present inside. They may experience elevated blood sugar.

However, there is not enough data to make any concrete claims.

Generally, most people do just fine with these sweeteners. And since we keto-ers are heavy users of sugar-free sweeteners, it is usually NOT a problem!

If you want to be double sure, consider testing your ketone levels via urine strips or blood tests, right after drinking Propel water.

And if you are still not comfortable with Sucralose (after all, it’s an artificial sweetener!), try out their Vitamin Boost that uses Stevia instead!

Is Propel Beneficial for Keto?

Propel is an exceptionally keto-adapted beverage that has no impact on your blood sugar levels!

It is targeted at fitness enthusiasts who are physically active. A lot of electrolytes are lost with sweating and Propel aims to replenish those reserves!

It is rich in Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium (the most essential electrolytes!).

As you embark on the keto journey, you lose a lot of water while transitioning into ketosis! Unfortunately, you also leak out essential minerals known as electrolytes.

That’s where drinks like Propel can help you fulfill your requirements!

Another benefit of Propel on the keto diet is that it adds variety to your stack of beverages.

Any restrictive diet should have plenty of options so that you don’t feel bounded. Trust me, having variety in food choices is the key to the long-term success of any diet!

Suppose you had an exhausting day at work. What are you most likely to do right after you head home?

Prepare for a healthy keto-meal or reach out for that can of soda lying in your fridge?

Both of us know what is more likely to happen!

In those low times, you don’t need junk food to uplift you when you have keto-friendly alternatives like Propel within your reach.

Other than just electrolytes, Propel is also an excellent source of vitamin B and antioxidant vitamins C and E!

Propel is available in a whopping range of 11 flavors! I would pick the Grape one any day!

It tastes way better than any diet soda and is free from that weird aftertaste that comes with Aspartame. If you can think outside of carbonated drinks, you’re going to love Propel!

You can easily replace it with regular water on any given day, no terms and conditions required.

Other Keto-Friendly Drinks

The safest drink on the keto diet is, well, water! But we all are humans and want variety in our lives.

Most mainstream beverages are feared upon by the keto community!


All of them are filthy rich in carbs and sugars! Just think of the top 10 most common beverages – I can bet all of them are sugary sweet drinks.

You do have plenty of no-carb and low-carb options when it comes to the keto diet.

Let’s check out some alternatives to the plain simple water on a low carb diet.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is similar to a soup which is made using bones and cartilage of fish or meat. All kinds of broth have similar nutritious values, varying slightly with the bones used.

Going through the dreaded keto-flu? Bone broth should be on top of your food list!

Keto-flu is triggered when you suddenly stop all kinds of carbs in order to begin the keto diet. You can expect temporary side effects like nausea, headaches, cramps, etc.

bone broth for electrolytes

Bone broth can serve as a “transition” food during this time, as it contains a few carbs but fits well within the keto structure.

Re-introducing such a small quantity of carbs will ease some side effects of the keto-flu.

Other than just macros, bone broth is an excellent source of the much-needed micronutrients: Electrolytes

A single serving of bone broth is enough to give you sufficient amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.

Trust me, you don’t want an electrolyte imbalance!

Bai Drinks

Infused with the coffee fruit, Bai Drinks are gaining massive popularity in the Keto community!

They are low-calorie and low-carb beverages with natural sweeteners and are infused with antioxidants. Bai Drinks are gluten-free, kosher, and vegan as well.

Confused with this weird sounding name? What does the word Bai even stand for?

Bai means “pure” in Mandarin Chinese language, and the brand named it as an abbreviation for “botanical antioxidant infusions”.

Bai is a flavored water that is rich in antioxidants. It is NOT a carbonated beverage.


They are made with the secret ingredient: Coffee Fruit. It is the outer covering of our beloved coffee bean (aka coffee seed).

Surprisingly, the coffee fruit is immensely rich in radical-fighting antioxidants that make this beverage super-healthy on keto!

Bai uses Stevia and Erythritol, both of which are plant-based natural sweeteners. They are keto-approved and do not interfere with your blood sugar levels.

All Bai drinks have just 1g net carbs, making it a highly keto-compliant beverage!

Check out our complete guide: Bai Drinks on Keto

Zevia Soda

Sugar-free and calorie-free drink WITHOUT artificial sweeteners? YES PLEASE!

Zevia is a diet-friendly soft drinks brand that offers soda, organic tea, mixers, energy drinks, and sparkling water as well.

All of their drinks are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and Non-GMO! Zevia is free from any artificial colors, and their teas are colored naturally during the process of brewing. 

Zevia gets its name from Stevia, which is a plant-based sweetener well-suited for the keto diet!

Fun fact: Stevia is a common substitute for sugar in many diabetics. It is way sweeter than sugar but still has zero calories and zero carbs!

My all-time favorite Zevia has to be the Black Cherry! Luckily, they have more than 20 variants and you’ll surely find a suitable flavor for yourself.

Zevia Varieties

Whether keto or not, Zevia is always healthier than the regular soda commonly available in the market.

Spoonfuls of sugar never made anyone healthy! More and more people are shifting towards sugar-free sweeteners like Stevia and Erythritol for various health reasons.

You can spot Zevia at Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, Super Target, Sprouts, or even at your local grocery store (if you’re lucky!).

Check out our complete guide: Zevia Soda on Keto

Coffee Drinks

I’m one of the coffee addicts who can’t start their morning without a cup of coffee (no judging please!)

Wondering how coffee fits in the keto premise? Well, I’m glad to tell you that both caffeinated and decaf coffee are keto-friendly!

BUT, you’ve got to play by the keto rules while selecting your coffee. For starters, you definitely can’t add any sugar!

Simple and conventional black coffee is all you need to get a healthy dose of caffeine on keto. Choose from Espresso, Americano, French Press, or Iced coffee.

You can use liquid stevia to sweeten your coffee without the keto enemy (sugar!)

black coffee

Can You Have Creamed Coffee on a Keto Diet?

Is the plain black caffeine not your cup of coffee? (see what I did there? :P)

Luckily, we keto-ers don’t have to worry about calories and fat is our greatest friend! So you can add a big dollop of heavy cream to smoothen out your brew!

Add a dash of grass-fed ghee or MCT oil to turn it into a solid bulletproof coffee! In fact, it can help you kickstart ketosis right after you wake up.

If you want to go the latte route, opt for unsweetened coconut or almond milk for that smooth and rich texture!


Is Propel Water Keto?

Propel electrolyte water is keto-friendly as it has ZERO net carbs per serving. It is sweetened with Sucralose which is a keto-approved sweetener.

Their electrolyte water and powder packs are 0 carbs but the Vitamin Boost range has 2g net carbs each.

Propel water is an excellent source of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants on a ketogenic diet.

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