EVERYTHING Keto at The Hat in 2023

Located in Southern California, The Hat is a quick-service restaurant chain known for its pastrami dip sandwiches.

In 1951, Southern California residents were first introduced to the “World Famous Pastrami,” an item that was once exclusively sold to residents of the San Gabriel Valley. Each week, the Valley consumes between 13 and 15 tonnes of pastrami.

What does The Hat serve that is Keto-friendly?

While The Hat is a good restaurant in general to have delicious meals, however when it comes to keto-friendly meals, the options are limited to a few dishes. Nevertheless, you can fill your tummy with a few options at The Hat, just don’t expect an array of keto-friendly dishes.

We have compiled this article to help you pick out the best strategies for ordering at The Hat for your keto diet.

Keto and low carb at The Hat

Surviving Keto at The Hat

The Hat offers a lot of carb-rich meals but as long as you don’t get carried away by all these options, you will be able to survive keto.

Nonetheless, in order to reduce the carb content in your meal, you may have to modify your meal, or you may only have a few choices to choose from.

When it comes to the tuna and avocado sandwiches, both of these items come under the keto-friendly category.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is the sauces you lather on them. Make sure you don’t use any sauces as they are high in sugar.

The burgers and hotdogs are the ones that need modifications. To make these keto-friendly, you must eliminate the bread. The average slice of bread contains 14 grams of carbohydrates in general.

These carbohydrates should be avoided at all costs.

If they are willing to provide lettuce wraps, or if they are willing to make it a salad bowl, then do it. Please let them know not to add any more condiments, this will add carbohydrates to the meal.

As far as their sides are concerned, all of them need to be avoided since none of them is low carb. However, what you could do is ask for a plate of low-carb vegetable salad as a side dish.

With that being said, here are the keto-friendly options available at The Hat.

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Keto-Friendly Options at The Hat

  • Tuna Sandwich
  • Avocado Cold Sandwich
  • Cold Beef Sandwich
  • Ham and swiss on rye no mayo


  • Coke Zero ( 0g )
  • Diet Coke ( 0g )
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea ( 0g ) 


A cold beverage helps you pass the time while your friends pig out on junk food loaded with carbohydrates. In this manner, you become a member of the group without feeling strange or excluded.

With a diet coke or unsweetened tea in hand, it’s easy to pass hours in a fast-food restaurant without customization.

As another option, you could use sugar-free beverages as a means to fill up your stomach so you feel less tempted to consume non-keto foods.

It is common knowledge that most commercially available sodas and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, are usually laden with additives, and can quickly put an end to your low-carb journey.

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What Happens When You are in Ketosis?

If you are in a state of ketosis, your liver produces a significantly higher level of ketone bodies so that energy can be provided to your brain, heart, and muscles.

In order to achieve this, you would be required to consume fewer carbs and limit your consumption of protein to a specific level.

As the state of ketosis can change over the course of the day, with time you’ll learn how to stay ketotic for much longer periods of time.

Is it possible to eat sandwiches on a low-carb diet?

Sandwiches are not impossible to eat when on a low-carb diet, contrary to what most people think. However, you must choose bread that is low in carbs and does not exceed 15-17g per meal.

Do low carbohydrate diets and ketogenic diets differ in any way?

Ketogenic diets are forms of low carbohydrate diets that are slightly more extreme. Low carbohydrate diets can run up to 150g of carbohydrates per day;

However, if one seeks to enter a state of ketosis it is usually necessary to reduce carbohydrates below 25g per day. Additionally, the ketogenic diet is much higher in fat content and lower in protein content.

Can you eat bread on keto?

In principle, it is good to steer clear of other carbohydrates that are high in carbs, such as starches, and grains that are high in carbs, such as leafy, nonstarchy vegetables and fruit with low sugar content.

Tips to Stay Low-Carb at The Hat

  • There are no hard and fast rules for what is keto-friendly or keto-unfriendly here. You need to take into consideration how many carbohydrates you consume per day.
  • For example, if you are allowed to consume only 25g of carbohydrates per day, you cannot eat 20g of carbohydrates at one meal and claim that it is keto-friendly, as that would only leave you with 5g of carbs for the remainder of the day. Hence, you should ensure that you remain within your keto carb limit by balancing your carb intake.
  • If you have already consumed all of your daily carb quotas, what should you do? You can also fill up on your meals by avoiding the other items and eating just the meat from the burgers instead.
  • Avoid the sides on the menu and ask for low-carb vegetables such as broccoli, and green beans asparagus, Brussel sprouts, These naturally low-carb sides are a better choice than the tempting high-carb ones!
  • Avoid including any sauce with your sandwiches and burgers. If you choose a sauce for a hamburger, you need to remember that both the sauce and the dressing add to the carb content. Plus the sauces on the menu are all carb-rich so it’s best to avoid them altogether.


It can be difficult to maintain a ketogenic diet when eating out. Although the keto diet has become more common, eateries will recognize when consumers need meal modifications as it becomes more popular.

The trend toward developing menu items for keto enthusiasts has been increasing in recent years.

It’s no secret that we live in the era of personalized nutrition today. The ability to cater to dietary requirements of a broader range can be a great strategy for appealing to new customers at the same time as retaining current customers.

In spite of all the hype surrounding the ketogenic lifestyle, it is here to stay.

By adding more keto-friendly alternatives to the menu, The Hat would be able to tap into a huge base of keto dieters who are always looking for more keto-friendly places to eat out.

There is no reason why The Hat can’t cater to all keto fans out there with a few simple adjustments.

Keto is often considered another fast-moving diet fad that will disappear as quickly as it appears, as has been the case with earlier overnight phenomena.

However, when it comes to running a restaurant, spotting food trends from fads, conducting market research, and estimating if new markets are worth the expense is critical.

The keto trend is not going anywhere in the coming years. It is actually expected to gain popularity.